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T3 - Well combined!


Combined goods traffic

Combined transport is a special form of intermodal transport where the vast majority of the journey is covered by rail and / or inland waterway vessels and the time for the pre- and on-carriage is kept as short as possible.
The advantage of combined traffi c technology lies in the particularly high turnaround rate on the road / by rail and vice versa. Due to the vertical loading of the wagons, it is ideally suited for the transport of craneable semi-trailers as well as for containers and swap bodies.
When it comes to transport by rail, goods are usually carried by containers and (double) pocket wagons. Six-axle articulated wagons, each with a container half and a pocket wagon half are in operation. The pocket wagons are equipped with outside I-beams, so the so-called pockets, in which the wheels of the semitrailers are placed, have the smallest possible distance
to the top of the rail. This is necessary to comply with the clearance gauge for railways. The wagons have partially height-adjustable trestles on which a kingpin of the semitrailer can be mounted. In addition, the wheels are also blocked with wedges.
For the fl exible installation of containers and swap bodies on the pocket wagons, folding tie bars with ISO studs are mounted on the I-beams. This allows for a smooth loading/unloading and transportation of containers with a standardized pin.
Already at the beginning of the 70s, the fi rst pocket wagons were built and procured by some European railway administrations. Over time, they have been refi ned and converted to meet the ever-increasing requirements on the rails. On the main transit routes of the Brenner and Saint Gotthard passes– the traffi c over the Alps, has quickly taken off. The wagons are frequently used in block trains. Since the liberalization of the rail transport by the European Union, many private railways operate in this business segment and enrich the railway traffic with their colourful locomotives and trains.

Roco launches some T3 coaches with different semitrailers for combined transport on your layout in 2019 (Art. No .: 76220, 76221, 76223, 76225)
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